Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tribal, Take Two: What I Roar to "The Lion King"

     I'm so diggin' the spring "tribal" trend. When I go to the thrift stores, my eyes immediately settle on anything that could be remotely interpreted as tribal. Hence, the jacket I'm wearing in this post. I've had two occasions to wear it. Once last weekend and today when my dear dear husband took me to see The Lion King. I know, I know. It's been out for years. I've seen the movie but never really had a chance to see the play.
     I kind of had the idea that everyone would show up in animal print. So, I wanted to be a little different, but still in keeping with the theme of the event. Well, to my surprise there was hardly an animal print to be seen! Funny how things sometimes turn out entirely different from what we predict. Well, I'm still glad I wore what I did. For some reason it just wouldn't have seemed right to wear pastels or polka dots, you know what I mean?
     Hope you're having a great weekend. I'm off to enjoy what remains of mine, but stay tuned because Double-Take Tuesday is just around the corner and have I ever got something in store for you!

New Identity jacket: thrifted
New York and Co. blouse: thrifted
Beaded belt: thrifted
Hydraulic denim skirt: thrifted
Lucky Brand boots via Dillard's
Necklaces and bracelets: thrifted

Thrift factor = 83%

 Until next post, happy dressing,
Style Agent 909


  1. I love that jacket!!!!!


    1. Thanks Mandy,
      Not sure how much longer I'll get to wear it. Weather is warming up now.

  2. Ms. Sheila you are looking fine!! I love the outfit!!

  3. Anything remotely tribal (like you said) is to dive for!! As a confirmed thriftaholic/upcycler I immediately clicked on your thumbnail when I glimpsed it. So glad I did. Please stop by and say hello!!


    1. Ah Jean! A like minded soul! We have lots to talk about.

  4. Love your pun and your bracelets! My assignment this week was all about styling--one top, six looks:

    1. What a nifty piece that convertible dress/top/skirt is!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Megan. I'm on my way over to visit you now.

  6. Great mix of prints and accessories!