Friday, February 10, 2012

Tribal; it's a wrap!

I’m always in a style crisis just about this time of year. My mind knows it’s winter, the calendar says it’s winter, but my body is craving spring. Mother Nature isn’t helping either; I’ve hardly seen a flake of snow and to top it all off, I’m bombarded with images of new spring trends in all the glossy mags. So, the dilemma this past weekend was: What spring trend can I wear, yet have a visual appearance of warmth? Tribal! This is a dress I picked up a few weeks back at the Goodwill. I was actually fortunate enough to find another dress that was exactly the same style, but a different pattern. I’ll share the other in a later post. I believe the pattern on this dress qualifies as “tribal” especially with the help of a few ethnic looking necklaces. What do you think?
     Thrifting tip- You may have heard this before. Check out all the size sections. Don’t pay attention to the number on the label, because that's all it is. If it looks like it’ll fit, give it a try. These dresses are labeled two sizes larger than what I normally wear. But who cares? They fit great. Then again there’s quite a bit of leeway in both directions when it comes to wrap dresses. 

London Times dress: thrifted
Lucky Brand boots via Dillard's (on clearance here)

Thrifted necklaces. I think the middle one may have come from Walmart.

Bracelets via New York and Company last year on clearance. 


  1. Hi! This dress looks great on you! I love the color for you. I've recently found your blog, and have been thrifting about 27 years. I can't go back. Too many good finds!
    I know what you mean about needing some brighter colors this time of year. I feel the same way.
    Mary Lou

  2. Hi Mary Lou. Thanks for stopping by. I agree about thrifting. Lot's of good finds. It's almost impossible for me to go in a thrift store and not come out with something! Do you have a blog? I'll stop by if so.

  3. Your neck candy is SO gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!

  4. What a great dress! Yeah anything tribal print is trending and I loving it! I also love how you styled it with the accessories.