Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I Like About YOU

     Prior to starting my blog, I was looking and watching other blogs. They’re so entertaining; much better than magazines. They feature real people with real clothes on real bodies. So today, I thought it was time to mention some of the ones I seem to keep returning to. This is by no means a complete list of all the blogs I’ve viewed and enjoyed. Nor are they in any order of importance. You’ll see a variety because they all interest me for different reasons and in different ways. Rush Our Fashion was the blog that first came up on my radar. I was googling something related to thrifting and fashion and there it was.  I love Prissy’s style and her blog roll lead me to numerous other blogs, namely Nine to Fly. Tavia’s, A.K.A,  Mrs. T. Mac's, style is definitely fearless and original. I only wish I could pull off some of the outfits she puts together. She’s also one of the nicest, most positive bloggers I’ve encountered. Eboni, The Fashionista Next Door, always has on a knockout ensemble and witty things to say (more on that in another post). Like I said, I was googling thrifting/fashion, because I’m all about a bargain. I ask you, who can’t appreciate a deal? A pair of Ralph Lauren pants for a $1.00, Steve Madden’s for $2.99. Sherri at Design to Shine and Lindsey at Thrift and Shout are pretty darn frugal, as well as most of the ladies mentioned here, but they look like a million bucks.  You should see the stuff they find! Of course one blog leads to another and so on  …   
       Tamera, the Menopausal Supermodel is super hilarious. This 21 year old, 110 pound woman has shared her weight loss/fashion journey with all on her blog. She also has a diva of a dog that makes regular appearances.  And let’s face it ladies, regardless of what we weigh or how fashionable we are, we’re all on a train headed for a town called Menopause---that is, if we’re not already there! But wouldn’t it be more fun as a supermodel? And while I’m on the subject of age, check out Jeannie at Gracefully 50. If this is what 50something looks like, then I can’t wait to get there. Jeannie absolutely radiates class and manages to look current and stylish without reverting to adolescence. But something tells me she’s not shopping the local thrift stores. In the meantime, I also keep up with the 40+ set, because, well, I am of the 40+ set, for this Fashionable 40 fits the bill. And because I’m also of the curvy persuasion, My life in the Curvy Lane  along with  Curves and Confidence, remind me that curves are hot!  
      Having a blog is great. You can pretty much say what you want, but what good is it if nobody’s listening? So a big thanks goes out to those who host weekly forums where we can all get together, be seen and heard. MomTrends, BonBon Rose Girls and Glamamom are all sweet enough to host “Monday Mingle.” Everybody Everywear, Visible Monday and Color Blind also offer similar forums. Thank you. What’s More Important Than Fashion? G’s got the answer to that. Now that’s somebody with her head on straight. Have you thought of running for office G? As I said earlier, this is not a complete list. I’m adding a “Blog Amore” page with others listed and I expect it will grow. So, if you haven’t already done so,  have a look see at these blogs. You’ll be glad you did.
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  1. Dear Sheila--thanks for the shout-out!!
    I've only recently started blogging after spending (way too much) time reading all of the fab blogs out there, and you've pointed some new to me ones I'll be checking out.
    I like blogs better then fashion mags because it's REAL. I'm not looking at some 20 year old 100 lb 8 ft tall air-brushed supermodel wearing a $3,000 miniskirt. I'd rather see the (cough cough) 40+ year old 5'3 size 16 in her $3 thrifted skirt. THAT'S Style!!

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  4. Sheila!! You are too kind girl. This made my morning. First, I am in good company of the few bloggers that I am familiar with that you mentioned and I can't wait to check out the others that I am not so familiar. One of the things that I take pride in is being positive (not always easy) and it makes me feel good that it comes across in my blogging. I do understand that my personal style is not for everyone but my positive attitude can be.

    Thanks again for shouting me out!


    P.S. I need to know what part of VA are you in? Maybe we can go thrifting together!

    OMG...I was so excited I had all those typos I had to delete. My apologies.

  5. Hi Sheila,
    You are SO sweet! Thank you! :)

  6. Sheila, Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm honored to be in such great company with your list of fashion blogs. I found some new ones to follow!

  7. I also linked to you on my blog's Facebook page. :-)