Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Note From the Editor

You're Incredible!

Have you ever read the first few pages of a magazine? No, I'm not talking about the Gucci and Guess ads or even the table of contents (which I can never find). I'm talking about the page where it list everyone who had a hand in making the magazine come together. It's a long list and there's an 'assistant' to everything. The assistants even have assistants.
Think about this: your blog is kind of like a magazine. It's entertaining, has lovey photos and creative writing. People look forward to receiving it.
More than likely it's a one woman show. That means you're the editor-in-chief, the copy editor, creative director, photographer (usually), social media director, in charge of make-up, wardrobe and   public relations. If you've decided monetized your blog, well, that also makes you marketing director too. Oh! Did I mention you also have a full time job, children, significant other and/or pets to care for as well has run a household? Minor details. Do I even need to tell you how incredible you are? Of course not. You already know it, so give yourself a pat on the back, take a bow in front of the mirror (or if you're like me) buy yourself a new pair of shoes!
This editor-in-chief, photographer, director of wardrobe has been super busy with her J.O.B. and hasn't had a lot of time for public relations, i.e, visiting other blogs and the position of creative director is seemingly vacant. None the less, expect publication to resume after the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm curious to experiment and get your opinions on winter pastels, winter brights and winter whites. Has anybody played around with those yet?
In the meantime, just recall my opening words: You're incredible!


  1. Yes sheila you are incredible!! Glad to hear your ok!1 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. Great post! You just told exactly how it is! you are incredible indeed!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  3. You're incredible, that's what you are. Yes, you're incredible... I don't know the rest of the words, but you get the idea. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  4. Sheila, you've just said it all, for all of us. I didn't forget you, BTW. Those booties are coming your way. But for real? Life just got in the way, delaying their arrival. I know you understand and thank you for this post!! Now I don't have to feel so guilty. :-)

    Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!! Sending love. (And shoes, soon) :-)

  5. Thanks for the reminder! Your creative director is in action and not seemingly vacant. Love the photo too!

  6. Good luck with getting back on track with your posts again! I understand your frustrations as being editor-in-chief and all the above, I've certainly neglected my blog from time to time! Looking forward to your future posts.

  7. I would have sworn that i dropped you a note ... apparently not! Thanks for posting this buck-up for these crazy holiday times. Cheering and warm-fuzzy! Hope to see more of your adventures soon, 'cause you're the incredibleist (?) (!!!)

  8. I've missed you, and look forward to the resumption of my subscription to your fantastic publication :)

  9. Boy I hear you lady! I've been mega busy myself. Hope you've had a lovely thanksgiving and will be back blogging soon!

  10. My Wife, thank you for your sweet comments about my abandonment of my part of the walk-in closet. Although the mountains of shoes and clothes bewilder me at times, I know they make you and your blogging friends happy, and that's good enough for me---that you are happy. You deserve that special little space all your own. Merry Christmas to you and your friends!


    p.s. See! I really do look at your blog now and then . . . it's too good to ignore.