Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just in Case...

Michaelangelo long skirt: thrifted
White shirt: Hubby's closet
Fashion Focus heels: thrifted

One of the delights of thrifting is being able to buy completely useless crap that may gather dust for months, years even before it’s worn and not feel guilty about it. I call these transactions, “Just In Case” purchases or JIC’s. For example, I may buy a super cute pair of jeans that’s two sizes too small, just in case I lose 50 lbs.
Do any of you remember when Sharon Stone wore her husband’s plain white button down shirt over a formal bottom to the Oscars? It caused a media frenzy and forever more it was fashionable to wear something casual over something formal. That’s what I had in mind when I bought this long skirt. I’m gonna rock it just like Sharon did; you know….just in case I get invited to a high society charity ball or something this holiday season.
Oh… and for the record, I did lose about 50 lbs three years ago and still wear those super cute jeans. A large percentage of my JIC’s do have their moment to shine. These items are still waiting for theirs…

I can't wait for overalls to make a come back!

These shoes have green, red and yellow lights in the heels that flash every time a step is taken (like the kids tennis shoes). They're aptly named 
"Disco" on the soles.

This makes me think of Prince...
She wore a raspberry beret...the kind you
find in a second hand store... 

Time to fess up! Tell us about some of your
"just in case" buys.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Preview: Time For a Fall High Low

Welcome back to another Fall preview. Like my previous post this outfit is one I would wear when I feel the need for rich warm colors but the weather is still warm.
I was planning on skipping the Hi Low trend. I like it on other people, but not so much for myself. And that's kind of weird because I do like asymmetrical skirts, and a high low could definitely be classified as asymmetrical right?  But Jasifer's BFSC called for a high low, so here I am wearing one, which I have to admit, I like; maybe because it doesn't come off as such until viewed from the side.
What's up with the clock you ask? It represents time (how original is that?). Time I seem to run out of so quickly or never have enough of. And time is a big issue when it comes to blogging, because there's other things in life that require attention too. But really, it's a purchase from Goodwill that doesn't work. No problemo though. I'll donate it right back to them and get a 20% coupon for my next purchase!
On a side note, some time ago, this vest I'm wearing was in the JCP
store and I really, really wanted it, but wasn't willing to shell out $55. So, I waited...and waited...........and waited. It finally went on clearance, but guess what? No more of my size left! Now three years later, I find it at Goodwill, still not in my size, but hey, that's what belts are for. Good(will) comes to those who wait!

American Living vest
Ralph Lauren Chaps skirt     ========> All from Goodwill
Braided leather belt
Non working clock

Nine West leopard pumps: via Belk

                                                              See, it really is a high low.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fall Preview: Metallic Leather + BFSC

Hey ladies. I've missed you. Once again life had encroached on blogging! And to tell the truth, it had me just wore out! Now I'm back and rested.
If you're a fashion magazine addict like myself, you know they're already giving sneak peeks of the fall fashions. One trend I'm happy to see is metallic leather. Why? Cause I've already got some my closet... since last year! I just never got around to wearing it. Well, it's gonna see some action this year by golly! There's just one problem. There's that tricky transition period between summer and fall when you start craving the darker, richer colors, yet, it's still too warm to bring out the wool coats and sweaters...what to do? I usually solve this dilemma by wearing light weight fabrics in darker colors. I also skip the tights and scarves. But like the title says, this is just a preview. I haven't quite got a hankerin' for dark rich colors yet. I'm still having way too much fun with my brights, shorts and espadrilles.

I'm marking "wear something sleeveless" and "high waist" off  Jassifer's BFSC. I'm naturally high waisted and I do everything in my power to try and hide it; usually by wearing something long over it or I don't tuck my top in. Now that I think about it, maybe that's why I didn't wear this skirt; because of it's high waist. Hmmm.

Note to self: Do not pose with hands fully in pockets!

Spiegel metallic leather skirt: thrifted
Orvis reversible cargo vest: thrifted
No label blouse: thrifted
Franco Fortini booties: thrifted.

When do you start thinking about fall trends?
Are there any you're looking forward to?

You'll notice I'm wearing two different pairs of shoes. Which do you like better the  burgundy pumps ===========================>
 or  the black booties?

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Monday, July 9, 2012

BFSC, Denim and Diamonds

Isn't it the coolest thing to come across a look in a magazine that you feel you can actually pull off? The July 2012 issue of Marie Claire has just such a look for me! It's called "Denim and Diamonds". It mostly features different combinations of distressed denim with sexy black leather loaded down with diamond accessories. As soon as I saw their take on this, I knew it was something I'd want to try. Better still, I already had everything I needed in my closet and I felt I didn't necessarily have to wait until fall to wear it. My rhinestones, er...I mean diamonds are on my shoes, belt, necklace and some on my bracelets. The bustier I'm wearing is leather with a light croc embossed pattern; the denim of course is my jacket.
I expect to have a thing or two to celebrate this week and Stephen has promised to take me to a restaurant I've been wanting to try, so guess what I'll be wearing?

Eddie Bauer denim Jacket: via Eddie Bauer
Newport News leather bustier: found in antique store
Peter Nygard skirt: via Dillard's (old)
Rhinestone, chain link belt: Express (old)
Silver rhinestone shoes: thirfted
Various "diamond" accessories: thrifted and Walmart.

 I'm  marking "Wear something strapless" off the list of Jasifer's Big Fat Summer Challenge.

This is an easy look ladies. Who doesn't have some distressed denim, something black and a few diamonds lying around?

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Have a lovely, stylish week!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Welcome Back Neon

Just like love, sometimes a trend is better the second time around. Case in point, neon. Raise your hand if you remember the brightly hued socks worn with pumps back in the mid 1980’s, *Sheila raises hand*, or the mesh fingerless gloves.  Now while you’re at it, replay those memories in your head set to “Like a Virgin” spinning in the background. Yeah, kinda makes you go all soft inside, huh? I was totally gonna skip the trend this time around. But bit by bit I got pulled in...a neon nail polish here...a neon watch there. And now, these shorts. I’ve been given a second chance at love, courtesy of  Gap.
Now for you young uns’ that have absolutely no clue what I was talking about in the first paragraph, don’t even worry 'bout it. Just know that you’ve got it so much better. Fluorescent or neon as it’s now called, is ten times classier than the 1980’s version.  It’s somehow even managed to make itself office worthy. So enjoy it while it lasts, but when the trend fades away, just pack it up and stow it in a safe place; cause chances are, 15-20 years from now,  your daughter is going to look back at your blog and ask, “Mom, do you still have that neon clutch you’re holding that picture?” Yep, you too can have your very own memories to replay of bright, mega-watt nail polish and trendy neon platform pumps, all set to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" playing in the background. Yeah, kinda makes you go all soft inside, huh?

 And here's how I'm styling them for the weekend...

Josephine Studio blouse: thrifted
Gap Boyfriend Neon shorts: via Gap...on sale now!
Dooney Bourke purse: thrifted
Gruen watch: via hospital gift shop
Gap T-strap sandals: via Gap about 7 years ago.

Is this your first, second or even third time around with neon?

Have a stylish weekend!