Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fall Preview: Metallic Leather + BFSC

Hey ladies. I've missed you. Once again life had encroached on blogging! And to tell the truth, it had me just wore out! Now I'm back and rested.
If you're a fashion magazine addict like myself, you know they're already giving sneak peeks of the fall fashions. One trend I'm happy to see is metallic leather. Why? Cause I've already got some my closet... since last year! I just never got around to wearing it. Well, it's gonna see some action this year by golly! There's just one problem. There's that tricky transition period between summer and fall when you start craving the darker, richer colors, yet, it's still too warm to bring out the wool coats and sweaters...what to do? I usually solve this dilemma by wearing light weight fabrics in darker colors. I also skip the tights and scarves. But like the title says, this is just a preview. I haven't quite got a hankerin' for dark rich colors yet. I'm still having way too much fun with my brights, shorts and espadrilles.

I'm marking "wear something sleeveless" and "high waist" off  Jassifer's BFSC. I'm naturally high waisted and I do everything in my power to try and hide it; usually by wearing something long over it or I don't tuck my top in. Now that I think about it, maybe that's why I didn't wear this skirt; because of it's high waist. Hmmm.

Note to self: Do not pose with hands fully in pockets!

Spiegel metallic leather skirt: thrifted
Orvis reversible cargo vest: thrifted
No label blouse: thrifted
Franco Fortini booties: thrifted.

When do you start thinking about fall trends?
Are there any you're looking forward to?

You'll notice I'm wearing two different pairs of shoes. Which do you like better the  burgundy pumps ===========================>
 or  the black booties?

See you all at the usual hangout,
Visible Monday.
Monday Mingle.


  1. Love that skirt! Feelin the pumps :)

  2. I think the pumps give you a bit longer leg line because of the low vamp and the burgundy color is so perfect for fall.

  3. That skirt is gorgeous! I think the pumps are more flattering and I like how they bring out the flower colours in the top. However, I think the booties make the outfit more edgy so it's a toss up for me!

  4. I've never heard of metallic leather -- and I like it! You look great. If you were a boy, I'd wonder what you were doing in that first picture...

  5. Oh wow, I love the color of this leather skirt!! So champagne and rich!! I can see it looking fantastic with white on top and some big ass gold hoops on your ears. Oooh lala!!

    I love Fall, it's my favorite time of the year because of the clothes....I'll admit. And this time of year is always great in the magazines so we can see the richness coming our way in just a short time. I love heavier fabrics, darker colors, tweeds, wools, furry things, hats, scarves, gloves, booooottsss! Need I say more? haha Happy to see you back! All your friends have been waiting. ;)

  6. Oh what a lovely skirt! You are a lucky girl to already have it in your arsenal. I love the colors. I know what you mean too. All I want to do is layer but it is just too darn hot!

  7. What great thrifted finds-especially that metallic skirt! It's giving me life!!

  8. I love the burgundy shoes, a VERY in color for Fall too. I too am CRAVING the rich, dark colors now and can't wait for Fall!

  9. Fabulous skirt - the color and texture are so cool. I like both shoes but I'm feeling the pumps more with this look. Thanks for linking up!

  10. Sheila! You're rockin' that metallic skirt! Wow!
    I actually like both shoes! They bring different vibe to the outfit. The booties make the outfit more hip, where as the pumps more reserved. That's my answer and I'm sticking to it!
    I'm glad you're rested.

  11. That skirt is a FANTASTIC thrift find and it looks great. I think I prefer the booties!

  12. Cool skirt! I like both. The booties with the vest and blouse make you look edgy and cool. And with the pumps, the blouse is center stage and gives off a more refined and dressy vibe. I think it's a great example of how one piece can be utilized maximally in your wardrobe. I just read gracefully50's comment and it seems she agrees!

  13. After the summer we've been having here in the Mid-Atlantic region I am more then ready for FALL!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt!! What a find!!! I like both shoes--like gracefully50 said--they each bring a differnt vibe.

    Loving how you styled this outfit and anxious to see what you do with the skirt come cooler weather!!

  14. You look fabulous! Love your note to self about pockets. I see what you mean and will have to remember that for my own photos :)
    I have to vote for the burgundy pumps as a shoe choice.
    Now, back to summer, I can't believe you are thinking about fall already! :)

  15. Pretty skirt!!! I think I like the black booties better but the pumps are gorgeous as well! I just love fall clothing in general so I'm excited for all of it :)

  16. Gosh, what a lovely, classy lady and so artfully, thriftfully dressed!

  17. Hi Sheila: that's a great skirt! good on you for seeing this trend before it hit. I like it with the burgundy pumps. And you know what? Being high-waisted makes your legs look longer so enjoy!

  18. I start craving Fall early, as well. Like you, I embrace darker colors in lighter weight fabrics to get me through. The sleeveless jacket you show is genius for this "early" Fall. While I love the booties as a fashion statement, I think the burgundy pumps are more flattering on the leg. I'm always weighing this same question!!! I love this outfit on you. Can't wait until Fall is really here and I'll get to see what you choose.

    Happy thrifting!!

  19. I'm getting my trend news from you right now and the metallic leather skirt fits you perfectly. The jacket works well with this look, which is why I like the booties. It seems that they move together. The pumps are great too and show off your lovely legs. Bottom line, you're looking fabulous.

    I haven't even thought of fall, as the weather is so warm. Summer is usually my favorite season, but not this year. Way too hot many days in a row.