Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Preview: Time For a Fall High Low

Welcome back to another Fall preview. Like my previous post this outfit is one I would wear when I feel the need for rich warm colors but the weather is still warm.
I was planning on skipping the Hi Low trend. I like it on other people, but not so much for myself. And that's kind of weird because I do like asymmetrical skirts, and a high low could definitely be classified as asymmetrical right?  But Jasifer's BFSC called for a high low, so here I am wearing one, which I have to admit, I like; maybe because it doesn't come off as such until viewed from the side.
What's up with the clock you ask? It represents time (how original is that?). Time I seem to run out of so quickly or never have enough of. And time is a big issue when it comes to blogging, because there's other things in life that require attention too. But really, it's a purchase from Goodwill that doesn't work. No problemo though. I'll donate it right back to them and get a 20% coupon for my next purchase!
On a side note, some time ago, this vest I'm wearing was in the JCP
store and I really, really wanted it, but wasn't willing to shell out $55. So, I waited...and waited...........and waited. It finally went on clearance, but guess what? No more of my size left! Now three years later, I find it at Goodwill, still not in my size, but hey, that's what belts are for. Good(will) comes to those who wait!

American Living vest
Ralph Lauren Chaps skirt     ========> All from Goodwill
Braided leather belt
Non working clock

Nine West leopard pumps: via Belk

                                                              See, it really is a high low.


  1. LOVE it!!! And the outfit will work later this fall with a top under the vest!!


  2. Your skirt is a hi-low that I'd definitely try. It's not so high in the front like some I've seen. You look cute here Sheila! No time like blogger time! Tic Tock

  3. I love high low hemmed skirts. This is a great look on you. What luck that you found the vest of your dreams at Goodwill! Send me some of your luck for these slouchy Rachel Ray trousers I've been eyeing or a sleeveless trench would ya? ;-)

  4. I like how this is a more moderate high low. Even tho I like the typical ones now (where it is almost a maxi in the back and a mini in the front), I just don't feel like I could pull it off. This one seems much more reasonable!

    I love the idea of these Fall previews!

  5. "Goodwill comes to those who wait," love it! I think this less dramatic high low skirt looks nice. I thrifted a high low skirt for a couple of dollars a while back but haven't worn it. You inspire me to wear it, and make it work :)

  6. Your comment on my blog today made me laugh!! haha You're such a good get a gold star!

  7. The skirt looks good on you. You bring up something interesting about thrifting. Sometimes, I realize that I'm buying up all sorts of looks there that I couldn't afford when they were initially popular. I think I just about have that out of my system.

  8. I love your story of the Good Will! That happened to me once with shoes... You look great here...smooth. Cool. I like the high-low skirt on you - I couldn't tell from the first photo. And I love those wicked leopard-print pumps with this.

  9. Sheila, I looove the skirt. It's flouncy and feminine and you've styled it fabulously with the vest and shoes.

  10. Love how this skirt has a little surprise not noticed from the front view. Great shoes too.

  11. YOu look great, love the different shades of brown in the outfit!