Saturday, February 23, 2013

They're Baaaack...

Hey friends! Guess who's back? Yep, me. While my blog has been in a winter hibernation, I haven't. I've actually been getting some stuff done like redecorating the house, sewing, catching up on some reading (professional and pleasure) and visiting a few blogs unrelated to fashion/thrifting.

I know there's no way I can go back to each and everyone's blog and catch up on the last three months. That would take me until mid-summer to do. So I'm counting you all to give me the highlights of your blog/lives in the comments you leave. I want ALL the details on romances, children, fabulous thrift finds, fashion hits and misses, vacations and the like.

Guess who else is back? Look at the Tommy Hilfiger ad above for a big hint? That's right. The older couple that had mysteriously gone missing a few seasons ago. I mentioned it here last fall. I'd like to think that somebody over at Hilfiger Inc. read my post and broached the subject in one of their board meetings. I'd like to think that person said, "Hey, why don't we bring back the old mature couple for our spring/summer 2013 campaign?". I'd like to think that person got a promotion and a whopping pay raise for my such a brilliant idea. All I have to say is, whoever you are, you owe me big time! But I'll settle for a salted caramel hot chocolate (with extra whip cream) from Starbucks, and we'll just keep it between ourselves.

Great to be back y'all. I'll be getting around to visit you over the next week.