Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To Match or Not to Match? Opinions please.

     Hey Happy Mingle Monday...Well, Tuesday actually for me. And a big thanks to the ladies who host it. I love seeing all the posts. They're better than a magazine!

      I love scarves. And lately I'm really adoring the big vintage square ones (34"x34"). They can be found everywhere and at every price. All mine  have come from the thrift store and they were all less than $2.00 each.
     The original topic of the post was to demonstrate how I used one of theses scarves three ways. There's other ways of course, but I thought three would be plenty...for now. However, when editing the photos, I got to thinking how "matchy-matchy" it all looked. I know, I know that's a no-no these days, but hey, old habits die hard. I can get with the program on mixing and matching prints. No problem, as long as the colors coordinated. I was doing that back in high school, but purposely clashing colors? Well, let's just say I'm working on it. So, what do you say? Matchy-matchy, a do or a don't.


Scarf: thrifted
Le Suit skirt: thrifted
Candies platform slingback pumps: thrifted

Yellow crew neck shirt via Walmart
Cabi Jeans: thrifted

Liz Claiborne blouse: thrifted
Live a Little jacket: thrifted
Merona belt: thrifted
Nine West leopard print pumps via Dillards
Vintage green clutch: Hand me down from mother-in-law (thanks Mom!)

Until the next post, wishing you happy dressing,
Sheila, Style Agent 909

Friday, January 27, 2012

Western Glam: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

     Hey, isn’t there a song by that name?
     Have you ever noticed how a predicted trend just seems to fizzle out or worse yet (sometimes for the better) just never comes to fruition? I’m thinking that’s what happened to the “Western Glam” trend. When I saw this look was coming down the pike, I thought, “uuuuoooohhhh weeee, now I’ve got an excuse to sport all my western gear.” Not that I care if it’s “in” or not, I wear it all the time. Being from Southern Cali, I’m used to a little western vibe that seems to be ever present to some degree or another. Nevertheless, I was sad to see it didn’t become the season hit, I thought it would. If there’s one look that I’ll go a little overboard with, it’s this one. I held myself back this time though. See, no hat.
     Now, back to my original thought. Yes, there was a song by that name by Paula Cole, back in 1996. My how time flies. As for western glam, I’ll be sporting that look on and off. Why? Because I like it. I hope you'll do the same. Wear what YOU want regardless of whether it's a hot trend or not. 

P.S. Thrift factor= 83%

Cabi Jeans: thrifted
LizWear shirt: thrifted
Long cardigan, Eddie Bauer: thrifted

Ring and buffalo head nickle belt: Thrifted  

Various necklaces: thrifted

Yep, thrifted.

Gianni Bini clogs via Dillard's. 

Sheila, Style Agent 909

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do You Like My Necklace?

How do you like my necklace? What do you mean you don't see it? It's right there in my purse. It's blue, red and black stones. LOL. Yeah, that's right I forgot to put my necklace back on. This was sort of an impromtu photo shoot. Stephen and I were on one of our weekend jaunts and he pointed out the ancient train station and what a good backdrop it would make for photographs. I thought so to. Actually, this location is just the next town over, so you might see it again sometime. So, about the outfit. This is typical of my usual weekend gear. And can I just say, I love gray. I do. Does gray ever really fade? The more you wash it; it only gets, well....more gray. I get really tickled with myself when I can say my outfit has a thrift factor of at least 50%, which this one does. Best of all, it was comfortable, just what one needs when combing through thrift and antique stores. And yes, it's that purse again. Bear with me on this. I got it for Christmas and just love it to pieces. I have quite a few bags, but truthfully, I tend to stick with one at a time. It's so much trouble switching and inevitably something important gets left behind in the previous one. Like a wallet!
I love this dress/tunic. I can ball it up in a draw and it comes out wrinkle free.

Got this bracelet at an antique show, but I seriously doubt it's antique.

Guess where these boots came from? Target. Amazing! Target isn't a place I'd normally shop for boots. But when I saw them, I was pretty impressed. They're real suede and well made.

Worthington tunic/dress: thrifted
Long cardigan: thrifted
Leggings via Walmart
Boots via Target
Coach purse: Gift
Shades: thrifted
necklace (not shown) and bracelet: thrifted.

Happy Thrifting,
Agent 909

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Red Ridinghoodless

Hi, All. I'm back for round two. It's Sunday and that means back to the J.O.B. tomorrow. Not that I'm complaining. I actually love my profession. It's been a good weekend and I hope you had a good one too.

I'm going to do some serious back tracking for the next few posts. As you can tell by the dates, I didn't start this blog at the very beginning of the year. So, I feel I need to bring you up to speed. This outfit is literally what I wore January 2, 2012. January 1st was pretty much spent in sweats with a big pot of gumbo. However, on the 2nd, my husband, Stephen and I went to an auction. I know. It seems like a weird day to conduct one, but that's exactly what happened. It was fairly cool that day and the perfect opportunity to wear this red cape I found on a thrifting expedition. It reminds me of Little Red Ridinghood, only without the hood. I have to rate this as one of my top 10 finds this winter as it was only $2.00. Can't beat that with a stick!
I love emphasizing what I call, the "Thrift Factor" of an outfit. Meaning what percentage of it is thrifted. I have to admit, this isn't as high as usual. Only the cape and the sweater underneath qualify. Thrift factor = 40%

Cape: Thrifted
Sweater: Thrifted
Faded Glory Jeggings via Walmart
Cole Hann Boots via Marshall's circa 2007
Coach purse: Gift from Hubby (I just love him!)

Until the next post, best wishes, 
Style Agent 909

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Style Resolutions

Hello and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. My name's Sheila and I'm super excited about starting this blog and feeling my way along. Expect to see changes and improvements as time goes on. If you want to know more about me, just click on my profile. Meanwhile I'll jump right in with my first post....
Like most people I made resolutions at the beginning of the year, but there's resolutions and then there's Style Resolutions.  Yep, two kinds for me. Let me tell you about the latter. Keep in mind they're not necessarily in order of importance.
1) Organize my closet. I know, this one is on everybody's list
2) Accessorize more. I have lots. I just need to use them!
3) Buy a pair of bright color blocked shoes.
4) Buy a pair of leather pants.
5) Complete my charm bracelet.
6) Change my make up.
7) Wear a maxi dress/skirt. Yes. I'm a maxi virgin. Can you believe it?
8) Have or participate in a clothing swap party.
9) Some how get my hands on a Louis Vuitton bag!
10) Start wearing my perfume more often.
11) Attend the 2012 "I <3 Thrifting Party"
12) Create a fashion blog.

Hey, I'm well on my way. Just put a dent in #12!