Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do You Like My Necklace?

How do you like my necklace? What do you mean you don't see it? It's right there in my purse. It's blue, red and black stones. LOL. Yeah, that's right I forgot to put my necklace back on. This was sort of an impromtu photo shoot. Stephen and I were on one of our weekend jaunts and he pointed out the ancient train station and what a good backdrop it would make for photographs. I thought so to. Actually, this location is just the next town over, so you might see it again sometime. So, about the outfit. This is typical of my usual weekend gear. And can I just say, I love gray. I do. Does gray ever really fade? The more you wash it; it only gets, well....more gray. I get really tickled with myself when I can say my outfit has a thrift factor of at least 50%, which this one does. Best of all, it was comfortable, just what one needs when combing through thrift and antique stores. And yes, it's that purse again. Bear with me on this. I got it for Christmas and just love it to pieces. I have quite a few bags, but truthfully, I tend to stick with one at a time. It's so much trouble switching and inevitably something important gets left behind in the previous one. Like a wallet!
I love this dress/tunic. I can ball it up in a draw and it comes out wrinkle free.

Got this bracelet at an antique show, but I seriously doubt it's antique.

Guess where these boots came from? Target. Amazing! Target isn't a place I'd normally shop for boots. But when I saw them, I was pretty impressed. They're real suede and well made.

Worthington tunic/dress: thrifted
Long cardigan: thrifted
Leggings via Walmart
Boots via Target
Coach purse: Gift
Shades: thrifted
necklace (not shown) and bracelet: thrifted.

Happy Thrifting,
Agent 909

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