Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To Match or Not to Match? Opinions please.

     Hey Happy Mingle Monday...Well, Tuesday actually for me. And a big thanks to the ladies who host it. I love seeing all the posts. They're better than a magazine!

      I love scarves. And lately I'm really adoring the big vintage square ones (34"x34"). They can be found everywhere and at every price. All mine  have come from the thrift store and they were all less than $2.00 each.
     The original topic of the post was to demonstrate how I used one of theses scarves three ways. There's other ways of course, but I thought three would be plenty...for now. However, when editing the photos, I got to thinking how "matchy-matchy" it all looked. I know, I know that's a no-no these days, but hey, old habits die hard. I can get with the program on mixing and matching prints. No problem, as long as the colors coordinated. I was doing that back in high school, but purposely clashing colors? Well, let's just say I'm working on it. So, what do you say? Matchy-matchy, a do or a don't.


Scarf: thrifted
Le Suit skirt: thrifted
Candies platform slingback pumps: thrifted

Yellow crew neck shirt via Walmart
Cabi Jeans: thrifted

Liz Claiborne blouse: thrifted
Live a Little jacket: thrifted
Merona belt: thrifted
Nine West leopard print pumps via Dillards
Vintage green clutch: Hand me down from mother-in-law (thanks Mom!)

Until the next post, wishing you happy dressing,
Sheila, Style Agent 909


  1. I looove the use of the scarf in the first pic and ADORE the outfit in the last! I love the layering and the all the pieces coming together. Great look!

    To answer you question...Matchy matchy is OK for certain outfits and I believe when you don't do it all the time. Further more, I really think it is a matter of personal preference.


  2. Tavia,I agree. Thanks so much for your input.

  3. Love the way you worked that scarf! Thanks so much for showing off your style on Monday Mingle on Momtrends.

  4. I love the scarf as a strapless top! I'm going to have to try that with one of my vintage scarves when the weather gets nicer.

  5. Nice!! Love the way you used the scarf to create different looks. The first photo is beautiful. I tend to be matchy...just an old habit.

  6. Dang girl, you can rock a scarf! Matchy matchy sometimes is ok. but it's also ok to let your individuality take over :)

  7. I agree. I'm working on it. Looking for Matchers Anonymous meetings in my area.