Thursday, February 2, 2012

Asian Leopard Dressing

     Can you read my shirt? I can’t. For all I know it says, “kick me” but when I spotted in one of my favorite thrift haunts, I couldn’t resist it. I love clothes with exotic logos and markings. It’s a tank top, something for summer, but I wanted to wear it now. I knew right away what I would pair it with so could. Leopard! A leopard turtleneck to be exact. Seriously, is there anything that an animal print won’t go with? I’m pretty proud of the thrift factor 57 %. The ring has a story behind it. I’ll share in another post.
     The scene:  A little old abandoned church. I pass it often on the way to work,  always intending to stop, but never really having the time. So, this particular weekend, while Stephen and I were out and about, not only did we stop, but took some pictures too. I think it’s quite charming even in its run down state, don’t you?  So, when you’re out this weekend I hope you get a chance to check out what’s behind those gates or on the other side of that tall wall or that curious little thrift store that’s been calling your name. Oh, and be sure to take pics, because I know you’re going to be looking fabulous when you do.

Pssst….The cargos I'm wearing, they’re actually slightly flared. I just folded them over a bit and then rolled them a couple of times to make a cuff. Not sure if you knew this trick or not. Try it. It works!

Classic Elements leopard turtleneck: thrifted
Faded Glory cargos via Walmart (clearance) circa 2009
Asian print tank: thrifted
Gianni Binni “My Way” clogs via Dillard’s (still available here in black)
Cato vest: thrifted
Coach purse: gift from Stephen
Shades: random, thrifted

Bracelets: thrifted

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