Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's Talk About Shoes!

Ugg boots via Saxon shoe store
     Can I just say; I love shoes? I do. Flip flops, boots, pumps, tennis shoes (not so much), wedges, you name it, I adore it. I may possibly even be addicted. I haven’t counted how many pairs I have because that would be too much like confronting the problem. My poor husband on the other hand, owns only six pairs of shoes, including his house slippers. How he can stand to live like that, I’ll never know.
     For me, the ideal pair of shoes would be made of high quality leather and preferably from Italy, Spain or Brazil. Some favorite brands of mine are: Franco Sarto, Ugg, Gianni Bini, Via Spiga, Kenneth Cole and Vince Camuto; curiously enough, none of those are made in the afore mentioned places. As far as I can tell they’re mostly made in China. Yes, even the Uggs. Shouldn’t they be from Austrailia? And Gianni Binni sure does have an Italian ring to it.
     The wonderful thing about shopping at thrift stores is, the money I save on clothing I can put toward shoes! Perfectly logical reasoning if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong; I find cute shoes at the thrift stores too, which brings me to my next thought. In the past I would bypass Payless and the shoe section at Target unless I needed some cheap flip flops or espadrilles – things I would expect to wear only for a short, single, season. Lately though, I’ve found some pretty cute shoes in thrift stores that I know to be a Payless or Target brand. And lo and behold! They’re actually cute and not too cheap looking either. In two of my posts I’m wearing shoes from such places, here, and here. Do you agree that Payless has stepped up its game? They’ve certainly stepped up their prices. I’m eyeing a pair of faux leather wedges with yellow accents. They’re  $24.99. A very affordable, typical Payless price, but there’s others that cost as much as $54.00. What’s up with that?
     While we’re on the subject of shoes, I’d like to mention the “Rock the Red Pump Project” that was brought to my attention by Tavia over at Nine to Fly. It concerns HIV awareness for women and young girls. As a medical professional and a lover of fashion this has double whammy appeal for me! Check it out. It’s really important stuff! Thanks Tavia.
     I’m just going to put some questions out there because I’m curious to hear from other shoe lovers. What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes? How many years have you had your oldest pair of shoes? Do you ever buy shoes from the thrift store or is that going a little too far? What are some of your favorite shoe sources?
Here’s a few “shoe” facts about me
My mom bought all my shoes from Stride Rite because she felt they had “good support”.
Shoe size: 8 ½
Tsubo and Fly London are my newest shoe interest
Fave shoes of the moment: Thrifted Franco Sarto metallic gold sandals.
Oldest pair of shoes- 12 years old, and I still haven’t worn em’!
I love flats
4 ½” heels are my limit!
Fave online sources: Zappos, Nordstrom and 6 pm .com

                                                         Until next post, happy dressing,
Style Agent 909


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    1. Happy Birthday to your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for sharing this nice post.If you are like me very much in love sequin uggs then welcome to your return visit.

  3. Shoes--sigh. How I love SHOES!! Unfortunately wearing a 9 wide and not being able to wear heels severly limits my choices. Not that I don't fondle the 6" high pumps and drool at DSW!

  4. I totally buy my lil' dude's shoes at Stride Rite for the same reason!

  5. Hi Shelia! LOVE the boots! You asked about the Sponsor Swap on my blog. All the details are listed in this post:
    Let me know if you are interested! :-)

  6. Shoe???!!!! I heard it all this way from GA! Haha
    Most I've spent on shoes?? I don't want to hubby might read this. ;)
    I agree with you about buying quality shoe b/c I do keep mine for years and years. Personally, I just can't bring myself to wear someone else's shoes....that's just me and my OCD.
    4" heels are about my limit but I have a few that are's getting harder & harder as I age...depressing.

    Have a terrific weekend!