Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Double-take Tuesday: A Navy Blue Midi

Hola folks, I’m really excited about today’s post. Why? Because I’m debuting a little segment I’m calling Double-take Tuesdays.  Twice a month (on Tuesdays, of course) I’ll feature an item worn at least two different ways. This concept is by no means original. But what is new is that I’m going to give away an item similar to the one that’s being featured. FREE. PERIOD. For example, I may feature a racy, red blazer; the one that’s being given away will be a similar one I found on a recent thrifting expedition. It may be a size 2 or 32. Who knows? It’s a wild card. The luck of the draw! Call it what you want. So you’ll have to tune in and visit on Tuesdays (and hopefully other days too). Here’s how it works: The first person to email me and claim it, gets it. All I ask is that the item be for yourself and that you send me a pic of you wearing it, so I can later add it to the post and show off your style. Once the item is claimed, I’ll update the post stating so. So without further ado….

Double-take Tuesday: A Navy Blue Midi

I asked Facebook family and friends what words come to mind when they hear “navy blue.” Here’s what they said: military, sailor, red and white, child-like, formal, official, coordinates with any color, masquerades as black. True that to all those comments. No doubt about it, if you’ve got something “official” to do, e.g.,  a job interview, a court date to refute that traffic ticket, you can’t go wrong with this piece of clothing. But I know masquerading under that serious, “almost black” garment is a skirt that really just wants to have a little fun. Above all, I desperately wanted to avoid the obvious combo of red, white, and blue, although it’s one of my favorites. In the first look I tried to damp down the formality by adding this causal print blouse and tan, tie, front cardigan, and slip-on patent leather leopard wedgies. “Lady-like” was the second look with a feminine small-print blouse, wide belt, and leopard pumps. Surely the judge would dismiss the traffic ticket of any girl dressed like this, don’t you think?

Where to get your navy blue midi:

Free- right here: Size 3x. Email styleagent909@gmail.com to claim it!
$: thrift store
$: DIY- buy a white one and dye it!
$-$$: eBay

What I'm wearing:
Darjoni tie front cardigan: thrifted
Eddie Bauer floral blouse: thrifted
Talbots navy blue midi: thrifted
Steve Madden leopard wedgies: thrifted

Pic #2
Worthington blouse: thrifted
Merona (I think) belt: thrifted
Nine West calf hair leopard pumps via Dillard's.

Prints up close. Aren't they cute?

Until next post, happy dressing



  1. Sheila--I like both looks--especailly the leopard heels!!
    I'm not going to claim the skirt as I just rarely if ever wear skirts/dresses!!
    I recently saw in a Better homes and Gardens decorating article where they paired navy blue with taupe and accents of magenta and acid green.
    It was unusual pairing. I'm thinking to try that combo some day!

  2. Hmmm that could be really nice now that I think about it. Can't wait to see how you style it.

  3. I love the skirt paired with the leopard pumps!