Thursday, July 5, 2012

Welcome Back Neon

Just like love, sometimes a trend is better the second time around. Case in point, neon. Raise your hand if you remember the brightly hued socks worn with pumps back in the mid 1980’s, *Sheila raises hand*, or the mesh fingerless gloves.  Now while you’re at it, replay those memories in your head set to “Like a Virgin” spinning in the background. Yeah, kinda makes you go all soft inside, huh? I was totally gonna skip the trend this time around. But bit by bit I got pulled in...a neon nail polish here...a neon watch there. And now, these shorts. I’ve been given a second chance at love, courtesy of  Gap.
Now for you young uns’ that have absolutely no clue what I was talking about in the first paragraph, don’t even worry 'bout it. Just know that you’ve got it so much better. Fluorescent or neon as it’s now called, is ten times classier than the 1980’s version.  It’s somehow even managed to make itself office worthy. So enjoy it while it lasts, but when the trend fades away, just pack it up and stow it in a safe place; cause chances are, 15-20 years from now,  your daughter is going to look back at your blog and ask, “Mom, do you still have that neon clutch you’re holding that picture?” Yep, you too can have your very own memories to replay of bright, mega-watt nail polish and trendy neon platform pumps, all set to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" playing in the background. Yeah, kinda makes you go all soft inside, huh?

 And here's how I'm styling them for the weekend...

Josephine Studio blouse: thrifted
Gap Boyfriend Neon shorts: via Gap...on sale now!
Dooney Bourke purse: thrifted
Gruen watch: via hospital gift shop
Gap T-strap sandals: via Gap about 7 years ago.

Is this your first, second or even third time around with neon?

Have a stylish weekend!


  1. Cute! I love it and I'm a fan of the neon trend.

  2. You know I'm going to be singing Like a Virgin now for days, right? ha
    I just love the pink outfit you've put together. I adore pink.

  3. Yowza, I'll bet you'll like dynamite in these neons. And, yes, I remember lots of Madonna.

  4. These were some fun years I must say. But I was too busy raising a huge litter of kids to be stylish. While Madonna was playing in the background I was probably wearing sweats and yelling at somebody. haha! I was not cute....but my kids were. ;) Now this is bringing to mind some of there clothes.

    I sure like your hot pink hot pants!!!

  5. I LOVED neon the first time around!! In small doses of course!
    I love how you've styled your new neon shorts. You're going to look awesomely cool in this miserable heat we are having in Virginia/Maryland this weekend!!

  6. Y'know, I never really embraced the whole neon thing. I think I was on to something else, what I'm not sure. I like your iteration, though, and I really like hot pink. You probably won't see me in this new trend, or nostalgic nod, but I can appreciate it from afar. Can I say "Rock on"?

  7. Ooh I remember neon! my fave summer top was a baggy pink neon cropped with black stripes! Your take with the floral top is lovely - it looks expensive in a casual sort of way.

  8. I love neon even though I haven't gotten many pieces yet. I really like how you style the pink shorts with the bright print top. I actually feel as if it tones down the neon a bit versus just pairing it with black or white. That watch is awesome.

  9. i'm totally loving the neon trend, those pink shorts are awesome!
    Chic on the Cheap

  10. I don't remember wearing neon the last time. That doesn't mean I didn't wear it! Your weekend outfit looks colorful and fun, and hope we get to see you in it.

  11. Oooh, cute.

    I remember the 80s. Fondly :)