Monday, March 12, 2012

So You Think You Can Mix Prints?

…well, I sure gave it a go Saturday. My two objectives for that day were to indulge in a little retail therapy via the Goodwill and to get a massage. If you’ve done any amount of thrifting you know to wear clothing that you can easily try things on top of and under. That meant a skirt and light blouse for me. The weather was beautiful and I felt springy. I ask you, what’s springier than a bright kelly green and florals when it comes to clothes? But florals where? On my shoes or on my blouse? Both! I thought. So I piled it all on.
      I actually bought the skirt and blouse last fall (at a thrift store of course) in anticipation of wearing them this season. I had no idea if green or florals would be “in”, nor did I care. I just liked the two. I’ve worn the skirt before in this post.  The shoes are a recent purchase that almost didn’t happen. The sales person talked me into them. He said they were going fast and that this pair was the last in my size (they always say that!). I decided it was better to get them than to be kicking myself later for not doing so and having to order them online. I’m happy I bought them. They’re fun as all get out and comfy to wear.
     I added the black and white polka dot scarf at the last minute, just for a little extra print clash. It all came together nicely, or not so nicely, which is good right? Voila, my version of print mixing.

Pssssst….Did I mention that when I went thrifting I picked up something for you too? Yep, I sure did. Do you like my skirt? (hint, hint). Be sure to check back tomorrow for Double-Take Tuesday and a slice of spring. From now on, the featured item is going to be up for grabs for a whole week, so everybody gets a chance. will decide who gets it. 
I'm mingling at Mom Trends tonight


  1. Cute! You took on this fashion challenge with gusto! Thanks so much for sharing your style on Monday Mingle. Love the florals.

  2. Way to go for it lady! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle last week...I hope you'll join us again this week!