Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prim, Pretty, Pastel, Pleats, Please!

     …wow, try saying that 10 times fast!
      On occasion I’ll find myself in a particularly prim, ladylike mood, which will inevitably lead me to don a pleated skirt. The outfit I’m wearing today is similar in color scheme to this one. I just wanted to go with pastels and neutrals, no pops of color (unless the rose counts), no blaring accents; just muted and simple.  How fortunate for me that pleats are "in" this season, but really, did they ever go "out"? I've been wearing them since I was a child. I'm sure I'll be wearing them in 2032 when they're fashionable again (for the umpteenth time).
     This will most likely be my work gear for tomorrow but depending on the weather, I may have to change the bottom. Speaking of weather, I really wanted to take these pics outside, but the sun just wouldn't cooperate! It was playing peek-a-boo in and out the clouds every few minute, so I finally gave up and resorted to "studio" pics. 
     So tell me, what item(s) have you been sporting all these years, that now all of a sudden is the "it" item to wear?

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Chambray shirt: thrifted
New York and Co. vest: on clearance $7.00 !
skirt: thrifted
Candies platform pumps: thrifted
Rose pin: I've had it forever!

Thrift factor = 83%

 Remnants of winter are still hanging on.
It's really pretty back here once it's all lush and green.

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  1. I really like this outfit--very feminine and springy!!