Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quest for the Yellow Wedge

Mudd Platform Wedge Espadrille
My quest for the yellow wedge has been going on for some months now. It's been in the back of my mind like a faintly glowing ember. I knew I would want a pair this spring and summer to wear with other bright colors and my nautical inspired outfits. Thankfully, there's plenty of choices out there.  I looked at a few sites online, added several options to my shopping cart, perused store displays, even tried a few styles on. For various reasons, I didn't get any of them. I'm reluctant to buy online because I really like to try things on first before purchasing. Some styles were just too high and I felt like I would fall  and break my neck. Other styles seemed like they should be reserved for when I'm 70 or 80 years old. I felt some of the prices were out of proportion to the quality and materials used for the shoe (should a strip of cotton cloth and some raffia cost $100?) You might recall from one of my previous posts that I love shoes and ideally would prefer leather, but for a shoe I expect to wear for a short season or two, I'll compromise on materials.
     Don't ask me why, but on Monday the glowing ember became a raging wildfire in my brain! I had to have my yellow wedges that day.  I decided to take a look in Kohl's, a store I don't usually visit. Then it happened, I spotted my yellow wedges. The feeling I got was just like a scene in a movie when the clouds part, the sun shines through and two long lost lovers go racing toward each other in slow motion. I knew instantly these were the ones. Yes, they're faux leather, but I can live with that. They look and feel reasonably well made. Admittedly, if I'd seen these online first, I wouldn't have chosen them, they definitely look better on and in person.
     For a mere $39.89  the wildfire in my brain has been reduced to a fuzzy warm feeling. Mission accomplished. What have you been on a quest for?


 Montego Bay cork wedge via Payless $24.99

Not enough yellow and they felt kind of cheap.

Via Neroli Fun Wedge via Belk  $55.30
Nice, but I was afraid of getting the fabric dirty.

Michael Kors via $472
A little too high and a little too pricey.

Naya Eternal $145 via
Just the right height and they're leather!
I'm going to keep my eye on these and wait for them to go on sale.

Until next post, happy dressing,
Style Agent 909


  1. Yayyy...mission accomplished! Nothing like finding what you have been looking for! I love that Michael Kors wedge...I do love the height but definitely not that price. lol. I am a big fan of espadrilles and I wear them in and out of trend every spring/summer.


  2. Yellow is my favorite color. I would love to own any of these! Thanks again for your kind words on my post about Bob. It is much appreciated.

  3. Yellow isn't exactly my cupa tea, but those Naya Eternal wedges look rather yummy. You seem to have a talent at combining colours, something I was never able to handle very well.
    My ongoing quest at the moment is hunt for the cashmere (or merino wool) cardigan (with bargain price ofcourse). I am very fed up with my black viscose cardi and wanted to replace it with little bit lighter colour and quality.

  4. I have SO MANY SHOES but don't have any wedges. Some how they never good on me ... Love your skirt and the wedges look great on you!!! :)

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  5. Love the yellow wedges!! I am on the hunt for one, but don't want super high! How do you like Virginia! I am a recent transplant from Virginia (via chicago) to New York and miss the southern hospitality terribly!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    1. Hey Style-Delights, I thought I'd never love another state as much as California, but I'm loving Virginia! New York much be fun, so much going on there! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Ooh, yellow wedges! Love them! My next capsule will be full of yellow - I'm inspired by the daffodils. I always go for leather if I can - it's just so much more comfortable.

    Love your style, and of course, you're a Sheila so you're automatically fabulous! And you love to thrift - awesome! I thrift about 50% of my clothes (the other half are consignment mostly).

    Hello to Virginia from Victoria, BC, Canada!

    1. Hi Sheila, I've been to Canada once, back in the mid 1980's for the World Fair. It was fun and such a clean place. I'll be looking out for your next capsule.

  7. WOW! Love the wedges! I really don’t have any wedges! I end up buying other kind of shoes!


  8. Hi Megha, thanks for stopping by. Don't feel bad. I only have three pairs of wedges, all purchased within the last two years.