Monday, October 1, 2012

I Don't Have a Thing to Wear!

Why is it when spring arrives I feel like I all I have to wear is sweaters and boots, then when fall arrives, I feel like all I have is tank tops and flip flops? Every. Single. Year. Guess what? This year's no different. So as usual, I'm sneaking some summer stuff into fall. This floral skirt is something I picked up at a yard sale this spring, but couldn't quite bring myself to wear. I think because it looked heavy visually, but now it seems appropriate. I played around and figured out a couple of different ways to style it.

 ...and that makes me happy!

Hmmm...there's a lot of prints going on here. Plaid blazer, blue and white striped shirt, floral skirt and buffalo checked rubber boots. My formula for winterizing summer stuff is to add a turtleneck and be done with it. I'm trying to be a little more creative with the layering this year, but sometimes things don't quite turn out like how they looked in my's still fun to experiment though.

I guess the other reason I didn't wear this was because of the awkward length; not quite a middi, not quite a maxi. So I did the ol' hike-the-skirt-over-the-boobs thing. This is the only one I've ever been able to pull that trick off with.

...and that makes me happy! So does hanging out at Patti's Visible Monday.

Are you one of those stylish people who can make their clothes do tricks by wearing them inside out, upside down and backwards?
Is your wardrobe ready for fall?
Any tips or tricks you have for layering?

Ann Taylor Loft yellow sweater: In stores now
Phool rayon skirt: yard sale
No name ombre dyed scarf: thrifted
Apt. 9 button down shirt: thrifted
Dress Barn blazer: thrifted
Bracelet in second photo: gift from Lynne. Thanks, love it!
No name black cardi: thrifted, old
Clarks Indigo black Majorca Villa boots: In stores now


  1. The real test, which you pass, is whether one's clothes make you happy. And you report they do, so you're doing it right.

    I'm still confused about what is seasonal and what isn't. I just pick what I like.

  2. Super cute dress! I can see why it works better in the fall. It looks great with sweaters and boots. Who would have thunk it? Someone creative like you!
    Have a great week, Sheila!

  3. I love your pattern mixed outfit!!! I thnk the skirt will work all fall with it's dark bold pattern!!
    I love it as a dress. If I were to wear something strapless i wouldn't need to pull it up past my waist. My boobs would sag down plenty low enough for the skirt to cover them!!LOL

  4. My fall wardrobe is adding layers according to the chill factor along with tights, closed toe shoes and boots. So basically the only difference is removing my sandals and pedal pushers out of rotation. Same thing you're doing so effectively really!

    On another note, did you decide what to do with your groovy dragon geisha pants yet?

    1. Guess what? I tried them on and they fit! So I'll be keeping them as sweat pants.

  5. I love both looks, Sheila. I have tried the "pull the dress over the boobs" thing, but it never quite works for me -- on you: fabulous! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. Your skirt makes me happy, too. AMAZING how it looks as a dress.

    I am the worst at discovering other ways to wear a garment. I suck at layering, too. I really am too literal at times :P

  7. I wish I could make my clothe do tricks, I am always scratching my head trying to figure out how to invent new outfits with what I have. I do love that floral skirt with the sweater, that's one trick I have perfected, the skirt dress, lol.

  8. Ooh, I love seeing all your ways at wearing this skirt - such great colours! I haven't tried the hike-it-over-the-boobs thing with a skirt (yet), but I really like the look!

  9. Love the success of using what one would think is a summer print (flowers) with sweaters and blazers for fall. Where I live there is no real winter for more than a couple of days so adapting summer to fall is what we do. You do it so well.

  10. Happy colors shouldn't die off with the leaves. I'm glad you're using summer hold outs.

  11. OMGosh I do that too! LOL I love all the ways that you styled this skirt Sheila! It looks great as a dress and I love the second look too actually! I like all of the prints.

  12. i love how you take over your summer dress to fall. the beautiful colors are perfect to brighten cloudy autumn days. you look fantastic in each of the outfits!

  13. Great looks and lots of variety! I like how the colors in your skirt seem autumnal. The floral works for this season too. Go tell chrysanthemums that flowers are just for spring!

    I like adding tights, boots and a blazer and making an outfit fall-appropriate. I've been known to turn shirts backward if they're too low-cut for the office. Other than that, I don't have many tricks.

  14. Yeah, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve (or pant leg as the case may be). I have never been successful at the skirt hiked up over the boobs though, and maybe that's why I LOVE this outfit particularly. I'm extremely partial to black with a pop of color or a print. You've got both in this case. LOVELOVELOVE. You look beautiful.

  15. Oooh, I like the dress with the yellow sweater and scarf. That really gives it a fall look.
    I do need to work on teaching my clothes some tricks. haha

  16. The plaid blazer with the floral skirt and boots... WOW. I love it! I like your next look too but I have been somewhat lacking in colour lately so you're giving me a great fix here.

  17. I love your style, and perfect layering.
    That dress is a dream.
    Following and adding you to mu blogroll.

  18. Sacramento, Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Coming to see you now.

  19. Thank you so much, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I would love to see your pretty face in my google follow too.
    Great to find new friends and inspiration.

  20. Such gorgeous inspiration pictures!
    I'm Your New Follower,Hoping That you Will FOLLOW me too.

  21. this looks amazing! i love floral's all year round! and you totally rock each and every remix! well done you!!xx

  22. Love the skirt as a dress. I've been able to do that a few times, but it never looks exactly right on me. I'm not a very creative dresser when it comes to using clothes in a different way, I like structure. I am ready for fall though! Very excited.

  23. I think you made the perfect fall outfit. I really love the color palette. The colors all have the same intensity and just work perfectly together.

  24. I love that bold floral print on the dress and your yellow sweater looks great with it. Like the black jacket, dress and boots combination too. Like you I am also sneaking in summer clothes into autumn, especially floral prints because I love them. I think it's a bit silly not to enjoy wearing things you like just because the seasons change - summer stuff can be easily autumnised by adding jackets and knitwear and boots as you've done here.

  25. Sheila, I adore every single one of these looks you've created! Excellent layering and pattern-mixing, my favourites! I think that saturated brights can easily cross seasons much better than paler colours. These photos are really beautiful.

  26. Wow the last styling is amazing! And the photo location is great too!