Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time Out!

How do feel about the bright color trend? I honestly love it and I've fully embraced it; just  take a look at my three previous posts! I haven't worn this much color since elementary school. However, once in a while I have to put color in time out and retreat to the safety of neutrals. It's like my senses get overloaded and I suffer from hyperstimulation. So I had to call a moratorium on color, not once, but twice last week. Yes, twice, two days in a row. The funny thing is, when I thrifted these jeans, which are a creamy, off-white color, I thought I might dye them. So glad I didn't.

 Day 1 Look: 

Apt. 9 vest: thrifted
Liz Claiborne sweater: thrifted
L.L. Bean slim leg jeans: thrifted
SoHo Wedges: thrifted

Day 2 Look:

Knotted cardigan: thrifted
Snake print tank: bought it new but can't remember where or who made it.
Gap skirt circa 2004: thrifted
b.o.c. wedges via Belk

While color's away...neutrals will play....

Have you given any of this season's trends a time 


  1. I do that as well once in a while. My problem is actually finding neutrals in my closet! LOL I love both of these look Sheila. The first one is very nice and casual. I'm glad you didn't dye those jeans as well!

  2. YES YES! I had to step out of colour for a while too. You do neutrals brilliantly in these photos. I love the soft, yet very edgy and cool, backdrop too. You have such a great sense of colour harmony even in your muted palette.

  3. I love that second outfit so much! I go back and forth with color vs. black. I don't own much in the way of neutrals that are light colored so when I'm tired of color I'll go for all black, which gets to be pretty sickening after a couple of days. ;)
    You always find the coolest places to take your pics!

  4. Gorgeous! Some people equate neutrals with boring, but not like these outfits! You've really outdone yourself mixing pattern and texture, plus these colors look great with your beautiful complexion.

    You know why I have almost no white or cream clothes? I can't keep them clean! And I'll go crazy OCD if I get a spot on anything :P

  5. I love your neutral outfits. They're not boring in the slightest due to all the pattern and texture; definitely neutrals done right.

  6. Neutrals are good on you! I need color every day!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Take care

    Ariane xxxx

  7. These outfits are like a cool breeze or a glass of water on a hot day, refreshing in their simplicity and serenity. I LOVE neutrals and I can relate to your comment about "grade school". I am married to a brights guy, however, and he's coaxed me into more color over our 15 years of marriage. I think you look beautiful and elegant. I really like the combination of white with gray or beige/sand tones in the summer. The skirt with the snakeskin tank is especially nice, in my opinion. The location for these shots is sheer genius with these clothes. Wow.

  8. Sheila: the neutrals look great on you and it's amazing how the background picks up the same tones. Was that by chance or did you pick the location for just that reason?

  9. I totally get where you are coming from. Some days, there is nothing I want to do more than throw on an all black outfit and hit the door. I really like your shoes in both outfits!

  10. Love the outfits--you put enough of your styleagent pizzazz on them to keep them from being boring!!!

  11. I can't get over how amazing it is that everything in these outfits (besides the tank) is thrifted! That's incredible. It's funny that you post this because I was just talking to someone about how I'm more comfortable in neutrals and when I try to step out of my comfort zone and go for the colors, I feel like I need a break :) Glad I'm not the only one!

  12. Great outfit and exceptionally cool background. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. wow, you find some great stuff!! and pretty big brand names too! you go girl
    loving the florals of the last post

    xo Jessica

  14. You look just as good in neutrals as you do in color. Your pattern mixing in the second outfit is unique and interesting and I covet the snake print tank. You couldn't have found a better background for this ensemble!

  15. Love the neutral outfits, they look amazing on you..you look great as always!

  16. What a sexy young lady, and how beautifully and sexily those thifty garments look on you! Like the other posters, I also love the setting and composition of your photos. Did you drag poor hubby along to snap those shots, or did you do it yourself?

    On top of all that, you write some clever and entertaining lines.

    Good job! This blog is a standout. Keep up the good work; we have our eye on you.

  17. You know how to work neutral tones, great stuff!