Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 Friends, I was almost ready to hit the delete button on the folder that contained the photos for this post. Why? Because I just couldn't find any connection between myself and this silly 108 plaque I'm posing next to. Don't ask why I decided to do it, because I don't even know. I just did. Then it hit me. I was able to make a connection. Approximately every 108 days (three times a year or so) I end up wearing an outfit that doesn't have any thrifted items. It's a rare event, but it does happen. This is one of those outfits. I'd like to mention though, that I did buy most of the items on sale/clearance. The dress I bought last year from Sears Land's End collection. The T-strap sandals came from Gap at least 7 years ago. The purse is from Wilson's Leather and the hat I bought last week from the Walmart men's department. Oh! and the bracelet, purchased from Marshall's with a gift card.

I also googled "108" and found this interesting article on why there's 108 beads on a Mala (mantra counting beads). It has all sorts of interesting "facts" about 108, such as; we have 36 feelings related to the future, 36 to the past and 36 to the present.

The sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth. It sure felt like when I was taking these pictures.

I'm sure I've spent at least 108 minutes on this post.

I've also told the guy at the post office counter my name 108 times (and he still can't remember.)

I have at least 108 pairs of shoes!

So sorry to have missed the party at Patti's Visible Monday . I think I can still make it to Thrifters Anonymous and Monday Mingle.
Maybe the total number of people attending these parties will be 108?

But really, an outfit without any thrifted items? Scary isn't it?

How many times a year to you wear an outfit that doesn't have any thrifted items?

Do you have any connections to the number 108?


  1. Very interesting!! Maybe I should leave 108 comments. haha
    You look especially snazzy here. Love how you styled the dress!
    I want your bracelet!!!

  2. I love it...great post! Stripes are my weakness and I love that dress. I love it paired with the Fedora. The cuff is vicious too!

    Don't you feel weird when you put together an outfit with absolutely no thrifted pieces?! Very scary indeed!

  3. These are really cool 108 facts! I am also very floored when I realize nothing in my outfit is thrifted. Come to think of it . . . nothing I'm wearing today is thrifted! Yikes! I love this dress on you so much Sheila! And the hat, sandals and bag help keep the casual vibe. Very pretty!

  4. Great post! I can't say that I have any special feelings for 108, but your facts are very cool. Like you, I seldom wear anything new. (That first part has 108 characters – but I had to check.) New or not, you look fantastic.

  5. Style is style and you look great!! I've gradually shifted over the last year or so to shopping exclusively at thrift stores. Before that I was known to ravage a sale rack or two at "regular" stores (and I'll still look for things I can't make, like shoes). Fact is, you are still a thrifty, stylish dresser even if this particular outfit wasn't "thrifted". You shopped your closet too, and that's the best.

    The other thing I have trouble making or thrifting are hats; I might have to pay a visit to the men's department at Walmart. Maybe it'll be on sale for $1.08!!

    1. LOL! Let me know if it is. I'll take this one back for a refund!

  6. You are working that Fedora!!!!!!! And, your dress look supa comfy!!!! Although, I don't ave any connections with the # 108 your facts are very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Lynn,
      Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog.

  7. ROFL--I needed something upbeat and whimsical with the week !'ve been having at work!
    Love the outfit! you are rocking the hat!
    I maybe wear an outfit without at least something thrifted maybe 3-4 times per year.

  8. Who knew that 108 was such a significant number? I don't think I have anything left in my wardrobe, with the exception of a couple of pairs of shoes, that hasn't been thrifted. This is a sharp look--and I need to check out men's hats.

  9. You look so chic! love the easy, cool ensemble.

  10. This was so funny! I love the one about telling guy at post office your name 108 times and he still can't remember it. hahaha
    Great outfit! I love stripes.

  11. What a darling dress! Love it with those sandals!

  12. haha you crack me up. I need a stripe dress now. THANKS. Thanks for linking up Love it!


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