Friday, August 31, 2012

Shop N' Swap

Yes. This is my closet, but I'm not ready to talk about it yet.
A lot of bloggers have been doing some downsizing of their closets lately and I find myself wishing, I could just get my hands on some of that fabulousness they're tossing out! Do you find yourself wishing the same? So all you downsizers out there, stop! Put your hands up, and step away from the clothes and nobody gets hurt. Let's have a clothing swap before you throw out another scrap.

Here's what I'm proposing: Choose as many or as few items as you want. Anything. Accessories, shoes, scarves, sweaters, jeans, or even partially used fragrances (the spray kind), unopened items like cosmetics or tights and create a post. A brief description of the items and why they no longer work for you would be helpful.  It'll be a link up style party in a format like Patti's Visible Monday  OR send me a photo of one of the items with your blog name and email and I'll link back to you. I know it takes time to get stuff together take pictures, so how about we plan on Saturday, September 22.  Arrangements for shipping can be made between individuals. So who's interested?
I have all sizes of things, because I always have plans to alter or modify.  Sometimes I get around to it and sometimes not. Please don't be discouraged and think anyone wouldn't be interested in what you have. You'd be surprised! Someone just might be looking for a purple polka dot raincoat.
Oh...and you might want to create a wish list so, others can know what you've got an eye out for.  My list is at the bottom...but it's just a partial list. Chances are, you've got something I'd love to have and I just don't know it yet :)

Here's a preview of just a few of the things I have to swap...

Betu Sport skinny python pants. Size 8.
 Waist 29", hips 43", total length 40". Zip front. No pockets. 97% cotton, 3% spandex.
I seriously want a pair of python pants so bad, I was going to sew an insert into the sides of these to make them larger, but decided it would wreck the look.
Wouldn't these look fabulous with some boots?

9/1/12 update: I was in Macy's yesterday and found a pair of python print jeans. I'm just over the moon about them!

a.n.a faux leather jacket. XL.
Underarm to underarm 44", Neck to bottom 22", shoulder to cuff, 25.5".
In general, I'm not a fan of faux leather. But I really liked this jacket. The photo doesn't do it justice. I has a "broken in" look. Because it's an XL there lots of room for layering thicker clothes underneath. Drawback, no pockets. I recently replaced it with a nearly identical one that does have pockets.

Levi's denim shirt. Medium.
Bust 40", Waist 35", neck to hem 29", shoulder to cuff 24".

The southwest look is going to be big this fall. This shirt is a must have. Soft, 100% cotton. It's slightly fitted and just doesn't have the looseness I'm looking for plus I have at least 3 other denim shirts.

Gap linen biased cut skirt. Size 8.
Waist 32", length 28", hips are very generous.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this at the thrift store. It's the exact same one I'm wearing here. The only difference is that this one has dark stripes where mine are light and visa versa. This could work in any season. I was going to cut this one up and use it as a pattern, but I decided one skirt like this is enough.
I really should have ironed it, but I'll leave that to the new owner.

Express faux fur jacket. Size Large
42" bust, 25" shoulder to cuff, 22" neck to bottom. I know there's somebody out there who can really rock this like it deserves to be. I think it's sooo cute. The only problem is, it makes me look like Sasquatch. If you have a small frame there's lots of room for layering. If you have a larger frame like me, try wearing it with a light weight garment underneath.

Here's my wish list:
1. Python print jeans.  
1. Big rings
2. Scarves (can't get enough of 'em)
3. Anything made of colored suede or leather
4. Small to medium cross body type purse (I have red, black, and white ones already).
5. Vests
6. Patterned tights
7. Chunky necklace
8. Boots! I love boots!
9. Basic black blazer (I know, I can't believe I don't have one either.)
10. Long cardigan (really long, like this one). I have a brown one and a gray one already.
The specs:
shoe: Sometimes and 8 or 9, but usually 8 1/2.
dresses, pants, jeans: 12 to 14
Blouses, sweaters, jackets: 12 to 14,  medium to XL.

Sizing also depends on the fabric of certain items. If you have something you think I'd like, but it's not my size, give me a holler anyway, maybe I can make it work!

Y'all let me know if a swap party interest you. I've never done one online, so I'm open to suggestions to make it fun and easy for everybody.


  1. Awesome idea Sheila--I have nothing to swap at this time .I send all of my clothes (too big for you)to a friend who then takes what she wants adds her discards and passes them on. They go around 4-6 ladies before we all take a last look and then donate the rest! It's like a swap round robin!

    1. Darn! Ok Tamera. Glad you got to do some swapping anyway. Accessories would be great too if you happen to dig anything up.

  2. What a great idea! Now I need to check out my closet and see what I find. To be continued...

    1. Ok. Looking forward to whatever goodies you may have.

  3. I'm definitely on board for this one!!! Great idea! I will put it on my calendar and start thinking about my 5 items. Thanks Sheila! I love those python pants too! Too small for me though. ;(

    1. yay! I know you've got some great stuff!

  4. Sounds like a great idea. ditto on the python pants. I have so much stuff in my refashion heaven shelves and I don't know what I want. hmmmm....

    1. Great Pao. I can't wait to see what you have.

  5. YESYESYES! The lead time is essential, and like you, I have things that never did fit but they were too great to pass up. When i did my clean out this time, I didn't donate anything. Like Pao, I've begun to reserve all that stuff to use as raw material for refashions. But I'm sure I've got some great things for the swap. BTW, you and I are the exact same size in everything (even shoes!!) except pants-I wear a 10 and let the waist out. I also need a 34 inseam at least, which is hard to find. I'll confess I have three hefty bags full of boots-I think I might have a little problem. I love them so much, it's hard to let them go or to stop acquiring more if it's a fabulous deal. I'll have to go take a look :-)

    1. P.S I love the way your closet is set up. I'm trying to figure out more hanging space in my set up.

    2. Thanks Jean. It's fully occupied by me. My poor hubby gave up his small space about 6 months ago and moved all his meager clothes to the coat closet.
      You know I love your style. Can't wait to see all your gorgeous goodies.

  6. I think I'm up for a swap as well. I just cleared out a bunch of stuff and put it in a box. Haven't taped it up yet so I'll have to take some pics and get them on my blog by the 22nd. I'm a size 6 in pants but have my eye on those red python pants of yours. :) Robyn

    1. Great! It'll be good to have a range of sizes. Accessories and shoes would be great too!

    2. When I create my post, should I specify that the swap is just for bloggers who are participating in the swap on their own blogs? I have an ongoing makeup sale on my blog that gets lots of traffic and have readers who are not fashion bloggers. Thanks. Robyn

    3. By all means, swap with anyone who wants to, but it might be nice if your give participants first dibs :).

    4. Personally, I don't want to just give my stuff away to anybody. I would prefer to swap with others who are participating in the swap as well. It seems fair. Just wasn't sure if there were any blog swapping "rules."

  7. I've wondered how bloggers swapped items for a while - this is a great idea. I'm in!

    1. Lynne you always look well put together. I don't suppose you'll be giving up those zebra pants will you?

  8. Oh, how fun! I don't know that my giant stuff will fit anyone else, but count me in!

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