Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Long and Short of It.

Have you ever been thrifting and Bam! an outfit comes together right there on the spot from items found on the same trip in the same store? It's a marvelous thing isn't it? That's how the ensemble in this post came about. I've been wanting to do the short over long thing for quite a while, but nothing I had on hand really worked.
     I discovered the "short" piece first and then just a few shirts down the line I found the tunic. I knew instantly they were destined to be together.  The 3/4 length sleeves leave just enough room for the "long" piece to show. The pants were also found purely by chance as I wasn't actually looking for black pants, but, hey, you can never have too many pairs.
     I excitedly raced to the dressing room tried the whole outfit on and voila! It worked out just as I thought it would. I later threw in a zebra print scarf for a little extra print mixing.  I love it when a plan comes together, don't you?
     The only drawback to this whole thing is that the jacket was very poorly made. It had all kinds of puckers and tucks sewn into the left sleeve at the arm hole. Perhaps it was a factory second. So I basically had to take the sleeve off, work out the tucks and puckers then reattach. But it was worth the effort. And that my friends, is the long and short of it!

Zebra print scarf via ebay: $2.99!
Sag Harbor jacket: thrifted
Izod tunic: thrifted
Dana Buchanan pants: thirfted
Naya "Eternal" wedgies via

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Oh Hey, I almost forgot! I'm going to Thursdays are For Thrifters. I've only passed by, but never went in. I think I'm gonna see some familiar faces. See you there.

Until next post, happy dressing,
              Style agent 909


  1. Okay... I'm officially convinced: I NEED thrifting in my life! Nice outfit!

  2. Oh Sheila! I love when this happens to me and it does happen to me quite often actually. I love your print mixing and length mixing (though I don't think that's a fashion term . . . yet). ;-)

  3. It's a lovely jacket. I love the pattern mixing!

  4. You're killing the game!! This is gorgeous. I love the combination of prints and these are some of my favorite colors. LOVE IT!!!!

  5. WOW! This is an amazing outfit and you really WEAR it! Fantastic! I know what you mean about things appearing out of nowhere. What a rush.

  6. Ooh, it happens to me too! I don't know if the stockers(?) purposely put stuff out that coordinates or if it's just by fluke. I love both the jacket and the tunic.

  7. I LOVE it--Everything looks like it was designed to be together!!

  8. The accidental outfits have happened to me too! Sometimes I don't even know it till I get home and lay my purchases out on my bed to show my hubby and realize that "Oh my gosh, this goes with this and this goes with this!", etc. It's exhilerating!!
    Your bold and fun choices are remarkable. The fit of those new black slacks is very flattering too. I need a pair I'm gonna have to look that Dana Buchanan person up and see if I can get hooked up on eBay. (Although, I'm a tryer oner and never buy from eBay.)

  9. I try to mix and match when thrift shopping i have my whole closet in my head, funny isn't
    It happens to me as well finding the right combination And it is such a rush
    Love your blouse, so gorgeous!

  10. Yes it happened to me and I can't help but smile all the way home. It feels great when we find great deal. I like your outfit you look great!


  11. Wow you did a fabulous job with the jacket...looks like brand new. Great thrifted outfit...i have not pick an entire outfit at the same thrift store .....yet. I like your mix of prints. Thanks for dropping by my blog with a sweet comment. Following you


  12. Hello lovely Style Agent!!!! What a stunning jacket!!!! It's so vibrant!!!! It's a pleasure to meet you!!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. What a Fabulous interplay of color and line!!! Kudos dear Style Agent!

  14. I love, i thought the top was one piece and then realized it was separates, perfection!

  15. Beautiful colors and pattern-mixing. I'm also envious of anyone that can figure out shopping on eBay :o