Thursday, April 19, 2012

Corporate Vacation

Folks, I'm going to be honest with you. I love a good scandal. Celebrity, corporate, royal, you name it, (although the thing with Martha Stewart was pretty unfair). I especially like a good government scandal no matter which political party is involved. So I can't help but comment on latest goings on with the General Services Administration, GSA. They're supposed to be monitoring the spending of other government agencies, while all along they were living it up on our tax dollars! Did you see what they did in Vegas? Had I been working for this agency, the only expense submitted by me would have been a paltry $50 Goodwill invoice. But what's new, that's the government. Anyway, this isn't a politic blog and lord knows I'm not as savvy about those things as I should be.
     So why is my post titled "Corporate Vacation", when I've talking about the government? They're two completely different things right? Just stick with me for a minute and I'll explain.
   I was playing around in the closet and noticed how this "new" tropical print wrap, had the same color blue as this blazer. Just for kicks, I put the two on to see how they looked together. The wrap looks vacationy and the blazer look corporate. Corporate vacation. And the government bails out corporations after the executives have spent all the company money on vacations right?
    Back to the clothes. I have to say, I do love these wraps. They're great bathing suit cover ups and they also double as  dresses or skirts. When I'm vacationing I'm tempted to buy them, but they always cost at least $18. No way am I paying that! That's why I jumped on this for $1.

This is the kind of post that happens when you have a glass of wine before taking photos.

Liz Claiborne blazer: thrifted
Tropical wrap: Thirfted
Naya Eternal Wedges via Nordstrom
Shell: yard sale
Flag: gift from father-in-law
Flower: free from bush outside

As lousy as our government can be sometimes, I still love living here in the good ol' U.S. of A!

Thanks for indulging me in my quirkiness
today. I'll be back to my normal self by next post (maybe).

Until then, happy dressing,


  1. I know what you mean girl. I'm not into politics but if all of this alleged spending did occur, it doesn't make me a happy camper either.

    Your dress is so bright and pretty! And your goofy pic makes me smile. So cute!

    1. I do get a quirky streak every now and then!LOL

  2. I'm with you on all that! Your outfit is fun and I love the thrifty creativity. Please don't return to "normal", unless of course you just feel like it. Either way, I know you'll look great.

    1. Thanks Jean. "Normal" can sometimes be boring. I think when I really do wear this it would be with a cardigan, not a blazer!

  3. Great mix of colors!

    Nothing wrong with a little wine. You look great.

  4. so pretty!

  5. You look absolutely adorable!

    Don't get me started on the government waste of our tax dollars...a sore subject with me, can you tell?

    Have a great week Sheila!

  6. What an adorable look! It makes me want to take a vacation!