Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thinking Ahead...Is it Friday Yet?

One of my style resolutions is to wear a maxi dress/skirt. They've been trending for at least 3 years and can you believe I've not worn one yet? I also haven't color blocked, but that's another post. Lately, I've really been inspired by Tavia, Carsedra, Liddygal and the Bajan Beauty. They've all featured maxi's in one way or another, all of them fabulous of course. So, weather permitting, I'm going to take the plung this weekend and wear this outfit featuring a maxi skirt I found thrifting. What do you think?
     Remember I said I'd let you know what was in the shopping bag in my last post? Well, it's the scarf that's shown here. It's a brown and yellow zebra print. It was on clearnce for $6.49. I went in practically every store at that mall and that's all I got! That goes to show how thrift stores influence my shopping habits!
     This outfit actually serves three purposes. 1) To fulfill my resolution. 2) It's going to cover my bum ankle. 3) I'm not going to have to figure out what to wear. I feeling a great weekend coming on...

Denim vest: thrifted
Zebra print scarf: on clearance!
Leopard camisole via Walmart
Bisou Bisou maxi: thrifted
Classic Dooney B. purse: thrifted
Ralph Lauren slides: thrifted

Thrift factor = 66%


  1. Yaaaaay for maxi's, this look is so cute. I am honored that you say I was one of those that inspired you to finally wear one!! I think you are going to look great. Maxi's are so comfortable and cute, I love them!!

    Carsedra of:

  2. Love it!!! I've been thinking about getting a couple of maxi's for the summer---they'll be cool to wear and cover my pasty white "possibly a tad hairy cuz I haven't shaved" legs!!
    Have a great weekend and i can't wait to see the outfit on you!!

  3. This is a great way to wear a maxi skirt casually. I think you'll love it once you wear 'em! So comfy!

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  4. I'm totally ready for Friday too! Love that bag!

  5. That is a gorgeous look you put together! I love that scarf!

  6. That scarf is a gorgeous print. It's Sunday, and I am already looking forward to next Friday!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Once you go maxi, you'll never go back. Ha! I LIVE in maxis. Love the look you put together!