Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I've Been Missing...

Ladies I've been waiting 40+ years for this to happen. It's been a long time coming, and now my world is forever changed. I know what I've been missing in my life....

           A RED DRESS !

I'm now the proud owner of a red dress. Me. Can you believe I own a red skirt, blouse (multiple), socks, undies, sweaters, pants (again multiple), jackets, coat, cape, shoes, scarves, but never a red dress...until now...

I just love the hemline on this.

I like red, but I just never felt the want or need for a red dress, but when I saw this beauty hanging in the Goodwill, I knew this is what's been missing in my closet all these years. Is a red dress just as essential as a LBD?  How does somebody get to the ripe age of 43 and not own a red dress? I tell ya, if you don't own a red dress, you don't know what you're missing.  And let's not even talk about the holiday possibilities... Valentine's, Christmas, St. Patrick's. Ok, scratch St. Patrick's.  I'm so excited about this I ripped out a page from the August 2012 "Lucky" magazine which just happened to have lots of red dresses (I swear I didn't plan this)  plus I've searched the net and found a few others for you. None of these are as cheap inexpensive as mine; gotta go to thrifting for that, but they're still fun to look at. Enjoy.
Oh...wait a minute....
There's one more thing I've been missing, and thank goodness for Lynne over at Practical Paralegalism for pointing it out. All this time I've had my comments set to "word verification". This is a real pain in the arse when you have to type in those letters and numbers. Well, I reset it, no it's no longer there. Thanks Lynne. And thanks to all of you who've put up with it and still left comments for me. I appreciate it. If you want to know how to reset it Robyn at Robyn's Nest wrote a great post on how to do stuff like that.
O.K... Now have a look at all these pretty red dresses!

                                                        Badgley Mischa

                                      Issue 'Flaaper Dress'

                                           London Style V-Neck Dress
                                           Sears $39.99

Are you missing anything from your wardrobe?
Do you have a red dress?


  1. Sheila, I love that dress on you. Don't you just love when great thrifting karma puts the perfect dress in your path?!

    I own three red dresses (2 are purely due to thrift karma) and I love them all. A woman in a good LBD is classic and elegant; but a woman in a good LRD....there is just something a little more special about that.

    I'm glad you found this!!

  2. red dresses are amazing choice! i personally love it so much! You look stunning! it goes so well with your face and body!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. your blog is gorgeous, keep on going!

  3. Yes! I call it My Happy Dress! As you can tell from your pic, red dresses always put a smile on your face...and on anyone that sees you wearing it.

  4. Sheila-- that red dress is AMAZING on you--the color, the style----perfection!!
    I've owned red dresses in the past but for me ..I NEED a teal dress. My last one just got too big and I haven't been able to replace it.
    The red dress is just a sfab as a LBD--you look wonderful and that's the most important thing!! You'll sail into any event in that dress KNOWING how amazing you look!!

  5. Yay! Every woman should have one and now you do.

  6. I do love the statement of the red dress.
    I bought one a few years ago, wore it once on christmas and never again. I finally brought it to the thrift store a few weeks go. I'll have to look for a new one that I can work into daily life and not just special occasions.
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Sheila, that is not just any red dress - it's a tremendously awesome red dress!
    It's so gorgeously flattering, that I's venture it was worth the wait. :)

  8. You look wonderful in this Sheila E! Ready for the stage I'd say. ;)

  9. Woo! That is a fabulous red dress. I have a coral dress and an orange dress, but they both fill the gap of a power-color for me. I think everyone needs a dress that makes them feel and look AMAZING!

  10. I think that last red wrap dress wants me bad :P I love your new purchase - congrats! You look radiant.

    There are so many Bloggers who probably think I never read or comment on their blogs - the truth is with Blogger's crazy impossible word verification (what is with the blurred out numbers), it can be impossible, and I've often given up after, three, four, five times. Thanks for making it easier on us :)

  11. You know what?

    I need a red dress! Especially with tons of holiday parties and gatherings coming!

    Thanks for sharing! It's now on my list of MUST HAVES.


  12. Sheila, I think you look beautiful in your red dress! So classy! To me, a red dress says, daring, adventurous, exciting! I confess that even though I feel this way from time to time, I don't own any red dresses. Up until recently, I dressed like a Goth--head to toe black. Now, after being inspired by all you lovely fashion bloggers, I'm slowly coming out of my shell and incorporating color little by little into my outfits. A red dress? Hopefully not too far into the future! In the meantime, I shall admire your lovely red frock! :)

  13. You look great in the red dress Sheila, your next challenge is red pants. (-:

  14. Your red dress is gorgeous! I feel like I've been looking to thrift a red dress for a year now but so far I've had no luck :( Maybe I need to tear a page of 'em out of a magazine and it'll happen for me too?

  15. I love red dresses, so much so that I think I'll probably get married in red! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Material Fixations

  16. I adore red dresses - I have at least four of them in various shades of red.

    Love this dress!

  17. I think you're going to have a good time in this red dress; I can tell by the expression on your face. What a find! The gold metallic shoes are the perfect accent.

  18. Yes, a red dress is essential, but when I see yours I think I might need two red dresses. The cut and shade is prefect on you!

  19. Congrats on the red dress find! I think every woman should have one as well-they are so sassy! But as I think of it, I am not sure I have one either! Yikes! This red dress is just stunning on you! I love the draping! Very flattering! Thank you for taking off the word verification. Man they are so annoying! But I would still comment anyways ;-)

  20. This dress looks fabulous on you Sheila - the colour is great and it drapes nicely.

  21. You look amazing in your new red dress. That shawl is pretty too.
    Hallelujah for no more word verification! haha