Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday Workwear

Hey folks. This is what I wore to the J.O.B. yesterday. I work in a medical setting, so as you can probably guess that means no shorts, open toe shoes or bare shoulders; capris and maxi's are also a no - go. Even nail polish is frowned upon because it hides dirt that could be under the nails. Result: Fairly conservative dressing and that is pretty much covered up by my long lab coat. I try to inject a little fun when and where I can with some color, interesting patterns or fun accessories. This is yesterday's attempt.
I'm really stuck on this orangey/red color I'm seeing everywhere. So, when I  spotted a bracelet at a the Goodwill in that same color, I jumped on it. And the belt I bought new and it wasn't even on sale! (can you believe it?)

 Do you have to dress a certain way for your job?

Leopard print cardi: thrifted
Striped shirt: thrifted
Tommy Hilfiger pants: thrifted
Steve Madden belt via Dillard's
Bracelet: thrifted
Born zebra print clogs via Dillard's


  1. That is super cool pattern mixing!! Love that skinny belt too.

    I work from home so my wardrobe can be jammies if I wanted it to. But I love fashion too much to stay in my jammies for too long.

    I use to work in a women's clinic and had to wear scrubs every day. I felt so dumpy!

  2. I love the pattern mixing Sheila! I am very fortunate to work in a lax law office, but I hear ya. Sometimes it stinks to not be able to wear just what you wanna wear!

  3. The small stripes and leopard print together look amazing, plus I love the slash of red. I can wear almost anything I want at any point in time given the nature of my work and life. Sometimes it's almost too much freedom. I do try to take into consideration who I'll be interacting with, for example are they seniors or hipsters, and dress accordingly/respectfully. I feel for you, though. Hopefully being able to share your fabulous ensembles online helps!

  4. Fantastic pattern mixing and the pops of poppy red (pun sort of intended, actually) are brilliant. You really do a great job of dressing for your conservative workplace while still having fun and being stylish. I'm lucky my job pretty much doesn't care because I don't think I'd do half as well!

  5. great look honey, i love this white pantsss!


  6. This looks great. White pants are always a win. Looove the orangy bracelet! It looks just like a navy/gold one I thrifted. Ooooooh, I want one really bad in that color now. :)

  7. Hey Sheila!

    Just wanted to let you know I'm nominating you for a Blogger Appreciation award. You can see it on my next post. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Love, Jean

  8. Oh wow Jean, thank you so much. I'm so honored. I'm going to check it out right now!

  9. Love the pops of orange. Wish I could wear white clothes, but I'm a dark stain magnet when I have them on.